LHC IR Upgrade Collaboration Meeting

CERN, 11-12 March 2002

Goals of the meeting:


SESSION 1: LHC Upgrade Scenarios (S. Peggs)
SESSION 2: IR Layout and Magnet Parameters (J. Strait)
SESSION 3: Magnet Technology and Conductor Developments (L. Rossi)

Summary of Session 1: S. Peggs
Summary of Session 2: J. Strait
Summary of Session 3: L. Rossi

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Conclusions and Recommendations (T. Taylor)

Organizers: R. Ostojic, L. Rossi, F. Ruggiero (Chairman), J. Strait, and T. Taylor, with secretarial help from J. Thomashausen
List of Participants
First Announcement (8 February 2002)

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Updated slides on IR layout with D1 first (O. Bruning, 28 March 2002)
US LHC Accelerator Project (J. Strait, 10 December 2001)
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